martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011


Where do I live?

I live in a nice apartment. It`s big. It`s near of urbe. There are four bedrooms and three bathrooms. There is a kitchen, a livingroom, and balcony, where I can see the avenue. There is some traffic congestion. I`t`s a really good place to live... You can find supermarkets, drugstores and restaurants near of the apartments. Generally, for me it`s a very safe neighborhood.

                                       Student`s life

The student`s life is the best. Is the perfect time for have a good social life, party. study and start to think in the future. the most inuversity students decide to study in another cities, at the beginning it`s hard, but then you set used to live in another city. You need to study a lot for be a really good profesional. It`s the perfect time for grown up, because you have to look, clean the house, wash your clothes. So you become a responsable adult. Always you need to try find a good group of friend.

Plans after graduation

After graduation generally peopel starty to find a job. Some students start the degree. Other students decide to go to another country looking forward to better things. Other students decide to start another career.

                                   Registration for new students

1- Deposite the registration fee depending on the career. Deposite the money for the student insurance and the student carnet.
2- Gather all the documents required for the university
3- Documents to the university
4- Take for the student carnet a picture
5- Search for the schedule

                                                                  The errands that I do

Describe the university

My university is big, whit my uni has a big campus, It has seven buildings whit classrooms and labs for the diferents carreers that it gives. There are a field of soft ball, futball and basket. It`s a important uni in this country. It`s in mcbo, zulia state. In av, circunvalacion 2 between av. delicias and av. guajira.


miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

My parents now live together, my father goes to work Monday through Friday from morning till evening and my mother stays at home doing household things.

My family is big, I have many cousins and most of them women, all my uncles are married and a couple of my uncles lives in Valencia. Some of the cousins are also married, but others do not and there is adopted into the family.

Note:  I like activities when I talk to my family because I always say what I describe and q are important in my life

TEXAS, UNITED STATES (25/OCT/2011) .- Cardenas Rafael Velez, nephew of jailed Gulf cartel leader Osiel Cardenas Guillen, was arrested by federal agents and local police in the southeast Texas community of Port Isabel, reported The Houston Chronicle.
'the Junior', as is known, was arrested without incident when he was driven by three of his bodyguards to Padre Island, a new pick-up Ford F-150, and according to the newspaper faces drug charges and offenses to the immigration laws.

The arrest of Cardenas is considered particularly important, as it towered in the ranks of the Gulf Cartel, after a few months ago death of his uncle, Ezequiel Cardenas Guillen, aka Tony Tormenta, the newspaper said.

In addition, he ranked as possible protected Osiel his uncle, who was sentenced last year in Houston for 25 years in prison.

The arrest took place last Thursday evening and met the day before through documents filed in federal court, which said the suspects were not carrying weapons, drugs or large amounts of cash at time of arrest.

According to an affidavit filed in court, Cardenas, 38 years old, be admitted in the U.S. with a passport and an immigration permit in the name of Pedro García González.

It also agreed to agents of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs questioned, their involvement in smuggling marijuana and cocaine for several years and have once smuggled a shipment of more than five tons of marijuana.

'He was giving orders. I was pointing out, his name was hearing more and more, "he told the Houston Chronicle a police official who asked his name.

Cardenas had managed to evade the authorities in South Texas Valley, by not keeping any of its properties to its name, including several cars, a condo in South Padre Island, a home in Brownsville and one of several bedrooms west of Rio Hondo, 55 miles north of the border with Mexico.

This house, melon-colored, with outer walls and an extravagant marble pool surrounded by walls, lies on a plot of several acres, with llamas, horses and other animals, the newspaper said.After his arrest, Cardenas was confiscated several jet skis, ATVs, an SUV and a Dodge Charger, set out the court documents.

Cardenas is estimated that protecting U.S. territory from the siege of Los Zetas cartel, their rivals, as well as some members of the same organization, who saw him giving orders from the safety of Texas, without facing the heat of battle, as them in Mexico.
- It´s likely (that) have made ​​more goods and more business with marijuana
- I Doubt That out of prison soon

- That i bet some influence to move out early from jail

- Does it seem possible That you have so many years in such dirty business and I have only now caught

- It's Unlikely That you can remove all the goods that are not in your name

Note: I liked this activity because I could comment on the alleged facts that could have happened in connection with the news.
The Chinita’s fair officially begins on October 27th when the Virgin is taken down from the altar in which she rests. She tours all over the Zulia State and returns to the Basilica to start all the religious festivities.  Many “gaiteros” gather in front of the basilica to sing their best gaitas to please the patron virgin. 
This year we are celebrating the XLVI. This date is very important for all Zulia, because it is a large and very traditional celebration of their land. Each year there are many activities to commemorate the chinita

jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

My favorite dish!

My favorite food is Hamburger.  This is a popular American dish.  It is hot and delicious. They are filled with meat and chicken, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, corn and salsa.  We eat it with our hands.  It is a popular meal around the world. I like the Mcdonald's Hamburgers.

Restaurant review

The restaurent the calf is better than burger king. the calf restaurant has good service with staff who work there and the food good prices so it's better than burger king. Burger King does not have good service because customers serve themselves but their prices are affordable. The food in the calf tastes better and is more saludble that eating Burger King. These two restaurants are located in the delights and are facing each other. food in the calf and burger king is worst better than the food stalls are on the avenues, the best decision would eat in the calf.

Note:I liked the activity. I learned to buy food and restaurants and I because I love eating and delicious food   #EFL #URBE   ELIEZER HERNANDEZ   SEP-DIC-2011